1. WFDF理事会は、ウクライナフライングディスク連盟(UFDF)、ウクライナオリンピックコミュニティ及びウクライナのすべての人々と一致団結し、特にウクライナのフライングディスクコミュニティのメンバーを可能な限り支援する。
2. ロシアフライングディスク連盟(RFDF)及びベラルーシフライングディスク連盟(BFDF)のWFDF加盟団体としての権利は現時点では期限を定めず、直ちに停止される。 
3. ロシアとベラルーシの選手・役員は、現時点では期限を定めずWFDF公認大会へ参加することはできない。
4. WFDFの理事会や委員会等に関わっている全てのロシア・ベラルーシ出身者には、直ちに辞任することを求める。
5. WFDF公認大会は、現時点では期限を定めずロシアとベラルーシでは開催しない。


WFDF suspends National Federations of Russia and Belarus – bans athletes and officials from participation in sanctioned events


WFDF suspends National Federations of Russia and Belarus – bans athletes and officials from participation in sanctioned events

The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) Board of Directors met today, 2 March 2022, at an emergency meeting to discuss the questions around the acts of solidarity and unified reaction of the world of sport following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus in a clear act of war, which has rarely been seen since the mid 20th century. The Board approved the following five measures:

The WFDF Board affirms its full solidarity with the Ukrainian Flying Disc Federation (UFDF), the Ukrainian Olympic community, and all the people of Ukraine. In particular, it will do what it can to support the members of the Flying Disc community in Ukraine.
The Russian Flying Disc Federations (RFDF) and the Belarusian Flying Disc Federation (BFDF) are suspended with immediate effect, including the full set of their membership rights, until further notice.
No athletes or officials from Russia and Belarus are eligible to participate in any WFDF sanctioned event, until further notice.
All persons from Russia and Belarus holding positions of leadership in WFDF, or who serve in WFDF Committees and Commissions in any capacity, are asked to resign from their position with immediate effect.
No WFDF sanctioned events will be awarded to Russia and Belarus until further notice (none are currently scheduled).

Commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch on the board actions: “WFDF strongly condemns this unprovoked act of war and calls upon the leadership of Russia to order its military to immediately stand down and withdraw from Ukraine. The Flying Disc global community and the entire world of sport finds these actions incompatible with human progress and the values of sport. Furthermore, it is a blatant breach by the Russian government of the Olympic Truce resolution which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 2 December 2021.”

“Our thoughts are with the people of the Ukraine and particularly of the athletes under our member Federation, the UFDF. We stand united in solidarity with them and hope and pray for their safety and security. We also are concerned for our Russian Flying Disc athletes and so many of the general population of Russia who will be negatively impacted by the consequences resulting from the actions of their leadership. WFDF strongly keeps up our hopes that the conflict can be solved through peaceful means and not by war.”

WFDF is in contact with the Ukrainian Flying Disc Federation (UFDF) in hopes to find the best options to support them.

The Board is fully aware of the hardship this will put on athletes and members of the Flying Disc communities in Russia and Belarus and regrets having to take these actions. Nevertheless, the world of sport must stand united against such aggression as it threatens human society and the possibility for people around the world to meet in friendship during sporting events with full respect for fundamental human rights, away from any threat or discrimination.