メン部門・ウィメン部門・ミックス部門の3部門が開催予定ですが、各国からのヒアリング状況を参考に各種マスター部門(マスターメン・マスターウィメン・マスターミックス)の開催も検討しています。また、WFDFが主催するビーチアルティメットの大陸別選手権では、現時点では普及段階であるということも鑑み、各国から「国別代表 1チーム」の派遣と、「クラブチーム 上限数なし」の応募をすることが可能です(最終的な参加可能数は応募状況によって調整されます)。日本からの代表派遣・クラブチーム応募については、詳細が決まり次第お知らせ致します。 Shirahama/Kushimoto

WFDF announces that the inaugural WFDF 2019 Asian-Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships, in association with BULA, will be held in Shirahama, Japan – WFDF WEB

以下、世界フライングディスク連盟の WEBページより

WFDF is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2019 Asia Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships, in association with BULA (AOBUC) will be hosted by the town of Shirahama, Japan, from Thursday 13th June to Sunday 16th June, 2019. The event will feature national and club Beach Ultimate teams in Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed divisions with a possibility of adding masters divisions if enough interest.

The successful bid came from the Japan Flying Disc Association (JFDA) supported by the Town of Shirahama. The organization is headed by Prof. Fumio Morooka, the President of JFDA, with Yuta Saito heading up the TOC.

“WFDF is proud to partner with JFDA on this inaugural Beach Ultimate event in the Asian Oceanic region. JFDA did a fantastic job of hosting the 2012 WUGC event and we are confident they will again prepare a great event for the players, spectators and volunteers,”said WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “It is exciting to add another region to the Beach Ultimate Continental event calendar, and we hope to see it grow over the years in a similar trend to the European event, which is likely to see over 80 teams participate this season.”


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