世界フライングディスク連盟は、WFDF2019アジア・オセアニアアルティメット&ガッツ選手権大会を、2019年7月23日(火)〜27日(土)の日程で、中華人民共和国・上海 Shanghai Community Sports Club にて開催することを発表しました。

WFDF announces the WFDF 2019 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Championships will be held in Shanghai – WFDF WEB

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WFDF is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2019 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Championships (AOUGC) will be hosted in the city of Shanghai, at the Shanghai Community Sports Club in Shanghai Gaohang Sunland, People´s Republic of China from Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th July, 2019.

The successful bid came from the Ningbo Flying Disc Centre (NBFDC) and the Shanghai Ruikebi Youth Sports Club (Sports for All) with the support of the Ultimate Association of China (UAC) and the Shanghai Ultimate Players Association (SUPA). The Tournament Organising Committee (TOC) team will be led by Zhixing Xue who has been involved with the organization of multiple China National Championships, is the director of youth development for the UAC and has himself participated at world level WUGC and WUCC Ultimate events. The TOC expects over 40 teams from neighboring Asia and Oceania disc sport federations to compete in the event. Ultimate divisions played will be the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed, with this tournament also aiming to host up to 8 guts teams.

“WFDF is excited to have the support of the not-for-profit organization Shanghai Ruikebi Youth Club (Sports for All) which offers structured sports coaching to over 8,000 Chinese children per week with an aim of improving the health and physical development of children through regular structured sports coaching. AOUGC with the support of SFA has the opportunity to introduce the sport of Flying Disc to the sports youth of the People´s Republic of China,” stated WFDF President Robert, “Nob” Rauch.