WFDF2016世界アルティメット&ガッツ選手権大会 大会特設ページ

世界フライングディスク連盟(WFDF)は、「WFDF2016世界アルティメット&ガッツ選手権大会」の開催地をイギリス・ロンドンに決定したことを発表しました。大会期間は、2016年6月18日(土)〜25日(土)。会場は、ロンドンから北部へ20kmほどの位置にあるセント・オールバンズにある University College Londonのスポーツグラウンドです。この大会には、35の国と地域から、アルティメット5部門とガッツ1部門で合計約2,000名の参加者を見込んでいます。(アルティメットは、オープン/ウィメン/ミックス/オープンマスターズ/ウィメンマスターズの5部門)




WFDF Press Release: WFDF announces London as host of 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC)

16 February 2015

WFDF is pleased to announce that the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships (WUGC) will be held in London, United Kingdom. WUGC will be held from 18 to 25 June 2016 at the University College London (UCL) Sports Ground in St Albans. WFDF expects more than 2,000 athletes from some 35 countries to participate in the WUGC 2016 in five divisions of Ultimate (Open, Women’s, Mixed, Open Masters and Women’s Masters divisions) and one of Guts Frisbee.

UK Ultimate will serve as the Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC) led by UKU CEO Simon Hill, who formerly served as WFDF’s Ultimate Committee chair. The event will be at the same site as this year’s World Under 23 Championships (WU23), which is going to be held from 12 to 18 July 2015. The last WUGC was held in Sakai, Osaka region, Japan, which hosted 1,400 athletes across 65 teams from 23 nations in five divisions of Ultimate and one of Guts Frisbee.

“WFDF is excited about the opportunities presented by having our premier event in greater London in 2016, building upon the experience that will be gained with hosting the WU23 event this coming summer,” commented WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. “We expect that this will not only ensure an amazing event experience for all athletes and supporters but also provide some lessons for WFDF towards sustainable event management. We would like to thank Si Hill and his whole team for submitting another great bid and for continuing to work with us to refine our tournament management systems.”

“We are absolutely delighted to be hosting the WFDF 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships. It is a great honour to be trusted with a second World Championships in two years and we look forward to welcoming the global disc sports community to the UK,” commented UKU CEO Si Hill.